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My Inner Age

We all have 2 ages – our calendar age (ie how old you are), and your biological age which is how old you are on the inside.

Your biological age does not equal your calendar age, because on the inside we may be aging faster or slower than what is the ‘norm’ for our calendar age.

70% of people are older on the inside – that means that all your cellular processes and so on are running faster (or slower) than what they should be. So many of us are older on the inside because there never has been a realistic way to know what was going on in the inside. Being the same age, if not younger on the inside, is what most people would want if they knew how to achieve it, and now that there is a viable to know your inner age, you can work on strategies to slow down, or reverse your inner age, and test your results.

What does being older on the inside mean?

Being older on the inside means that you are aging faster.

And how you age on the inside plays a huge part on how you are aging on the outside.
We may be spending all our money and effort on ‘exterior’ solutions which may be escalating the process.  So for example, you may be producing collagen at a slower rate than what is normal for your age. Which means your skin structure isn’t where it should be.

This means you probably looker older than your years.

Yes, you can start a program of fillers, botox etc, but perhaps what is also needed is some strategy to slow down your inner aging, and hence possibly improve your collagen production.

If you are aging faster, it’s also possible that botox and fillers won’t last as long inside your body as you literally aging faster.

Older on the inside can mean many things including worsen bone density; bones, joints and muscles wearing and tearing faster; less memory efficiency; reducing cardiovascular health and so on.

My Inner Age

Is a reliable and sensitive method which can measure your biological age vs your calendar age. It’s scientific background is proven with over 1,500 university research labs using this technology in their own research, and with over 2,500 peer reviewed scientific papers published on this technology.
Now for the first time this university level technology is available to assist you in knowing your biological age.

The strength of My Inner Age is:

    • Affordability
    • Fast (you are out of my clinic within 30 minutes)
    • It allows you to measure the impact of the various aging reducing strategies you may undertake. Take the first test, implement your strategy and after a while come back for another reading to see the difference
    • Readily repeatable


Can I reverse or slow down my inner aging?

Yes. You. Can.

Many people around the world are younger on the inside than their calendar age. If you are older than your calendar age, you can implement strategies to slow down, or reverse that age.

Being 5 or more years younger on the inside, than the outside, is certainly a possibility.

It won’t happen overnight. If you engage and commit to any of the following 10 things, and you keep it going, it will have a positive effect on your inner aging rate.

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10 Easy things to slow down your Biological Age

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