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Emotional Loops

Are emotional loops affecting your life?
An emotional loop is a circumstance or situation that no matter how hard you try, you find yourself responding to in a way you really don’t want to.   More …..

Women 40+ Life ReDesign Programme

Our 40′s & 50′s are a significant time in our lives – a time when you have the opportunity to redesign your life into something bigger and better than anything before it. A time when you want to get it right. A time you no longer want to ‘waste time’ figuring it out … More..

Quit Cigarettes in 1 Appointment

For over 7 years I have been helped over 1000 clients quit cigarettes in one session – and it comes with a 12 month guarantee. More …

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About Me

I specialize in transforming elements of people’s lives in 60 minutes. I know from experience that change doesn’t always need years of processing, therapizing, reflecting, analyzing. Many of my clients come to me believing that it will take many sessions to resolve their particular challenge – and leave me transformed and changed in that one session.

My clients have often lived with their particular challenge for many years, and tried many approaches. Yet in 60 Minutes with Dragonfly Transformations they walk out without their work place anxieties, phobias, food cravings or cigarettes to name a few. I am talking about long lasting sustainable change!

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Some phobias can greatly affect our career, health & relationships, yet they can be permanently resolved in 60 – 90 minutes … More …

Stop Your Food Cravings

Is there a food which you just can’t help eating ?? Chocolate ?? Savoury ?? Or do you have a food allergy and … More …

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